Brand & Graphic Designer, London  


Art direction.




Hi, I’m Leslie Doyhamboure

Studio 87 is the name of my freelance studio. It tends to reflect a style of design, a minimalist feel, a “touch” of which I am particularly sensitive.

Originally from Nice, in the south of France, I am now living in London. I love branding, typography, design in general and all kind of pretty things. I try to direct my work into finding the most meaningfull designs to projects and suitable identities to brands. In order to do so, I like experimenting using different kinds of techniques such as photography, illustrations and lettering.

I have a Marketing degree and Graphic Design degree which have helped me develop a global view on projects and to better understand the outcomes. I have had the chance so far to collaborate on amazing projects. Can’t wait to see what’s next so I would love to hear about yours!


  • Groupe Barrière
  • IBM
  • Amadeus
  • Robertet
  • Parc National du Mercantour
  • Crossknowledge
  • Orange
  • All the lovely startups that trusted me to work on their branding ♥


  • Graphic Design degree, Les Ecoles de Condé, France
  • International Marketing & Business Development Master II, Skema Business School, France
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